December 13, 2012

“Harold Pinter shows in his play Betrayal, that men betrayed not only by man, but also by the time.”  New Society

Exactly this point is why I want to make this peace.
Betrayal or Bitrayal?
A Bit is the smallest unit of information storage on a computer.

We measure time, and specifically our time by using materials as memory and archiving. How do we betray in memory? Or in our archives: what do we throw away and what do we keep? So I thought to bring Pinter’s research further. He let the story run backwards in time. I would try to use time in a circle and not in a linear thinking line, like Villem Flusser suggested in his book ‘We Shall Survive In The Memory Of Others’ . By bringing the scene’s together, I will try to  create a new “memory in advance”. Mostly the order of the scene’s will remain like they are but scenes would come closer (like Pandora’s box) until they form a cell; one scene..
With this “memory in advance” , there would be accrued to a new empty space  for conscience by using the unconscious behaviors of the performers.I would also like to break the detached way of dealing with our emotions in acting that mostly is experienced in western contemporary art.To refer with the first 3 letters Bit to memory. I even dream of an USB stick instead of a paper flyer.
Scenography or Visual Arts

In this phase scenography is very fragile.  To complete the concept I needed a space where time moves, structure redefines himself, volume changes, space lives.  We will work with visual artist Lawrence Malstaf (BE/NOR),  specifically with his work Nevel.

 A matrix of nine pivoting walls forms a labyrinth whose architecture continuously changes. A sequence of different compositions creates choreography of spaces flowing into one another. It is an auto choreographic space to wander and get lost in, like in a mutating city, to linger and surrender to the disorientation. Occasionally a video artist, musician, or even a mathematician is invited for a live intervention (Christophe de Boeck, Luis Recoder, Yukiko Shinosaki, Isar Stubbe, Chris Kondek)

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© Dirk Pauwels

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