December 13, 2012




Three men, together with their faces to the wall. How do they get here? What they keep hidden from each other? The clock is ticking. Is it too late? Or should it even happen? Three characters. A performance. A plot. Much more perceptions. The viewer looks and choose. Entangled himself.

After Chamber and the man and have / will again His diverse texts together. Oscar van den Boogaard, Peter Verhelst and Sanne Vogel received each a single ‘plot’. Their texts are three characters chosen by as many actors are translated into text, image and movement.

Game: Jochen Balbaert, Nico Boon, Wouter Bruneel;

Text: Oscar van den Boogaard, Peter Verhelst, Sanne Vogel;

concept &director: Mesut Arslan;

movement directed by Eric Raeves;

scenography: Meryem Bayram;

dramaturgy: Martin Soete

Coproduction CCBE (Antwerp), KC nOna (Mechelen) and STUK Arts Centre (LEUVEN)

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© Meryem Bayram

© Meryem Bayram
© Meryem Bayram