Ve Veya Ya Da

December 13, 2012



Ve Veya Ya Da means Either/Or. Choices, that is the topic of this theatrical perfomance; choices to be made by the performers and by the spectators alike. Four actors perform two texts of a completely different nature. Marguerite Duras’ Le Square is a play where ‘nothing happens’ – according to the disappointed French critics after its opening in Paris. Two (former) lovers discuss life and the choices they have (not) made. In contrast, Oscar Van den Boogaards text Een bed vol schuim (A bed filled with foam) is written with the idea that it is better to present facts, which will automatically bring out the truth. Ve Veya Ya Da combines, confronts and mingles these two texts, acted out by four actors in different constellations. Thus, an intriguing mix of new associations and meanings arises.

In 2006, director Mesut Arslan created the performance hebben/zijn (to be/to have) in Belgium. In 2010, he continued working on the same material in Istanbul with an excellent cast of Turkish actors, resulting in new insights and working methods. Ve Veya Ya Da is a performance on the edge of two worlds and two visions…


Concept & Director Mesut Arslan
Text Marguerite Duras & Oscar van den Boogaard
Dramaturgy Ata Ünal
Light Turan Tayar
Scenography Meryem Bayram
Concept & Realisation costume Meryem Bayram & Nilüfer Karaca (Antijen)
Turkish translation Meryem Bayram & Zeynep Baki
Subtitels Melek Arslan
Performance Derya Alabora, Erdem Akakçe, Engin Hepileri, Nergis Öztürk
Production management Gamze Özen
Production TheaterOnderhetvel/Mesut Arslan garajistanbul 0090 KunstenFestival
Production management Gamze Özen


© Bram Mönster

© Bram Mönster

© Bram Mönster